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Our rates 

What Does it include?

Here at Northgate Partners, we host packages where not only do you get fantastic exposure in print but you will also benefit from a follow-up email marketing campaign or full access and use of the data.

Our package includes a single mailing in one of our information packs to 10,000 contacts (6,000 Practice Managers) where you can either benefit from us printing your leaflets or you can even supply your own promotional items.  

Data or Email package?

Included in the Information Pack rates is a choice of either a highly effective email campaign. With this option, we will supply (free of charge), all details of the prospects that have clicked-through any of your supplied hyperlinks on each of your six separate digital advertisements. You may add these to your CRM system to keep on a permanent basis.

Alternatively, you can request a six-month - unlimited use - data licence for you to use the entire circulation list.


Both options allow for a sustained, multi-media follow-up to your printed direct mailer.

Please see here the available number of Email records for each list.

What's The cost?

Inclusive of your flyers printed, collated, and delivered. Plus six Email blasts:

        10,000 - 6,000

A3 - £3,495 - £2,695*

A4 - £2,995 - £1,995*

A5 - £2,545 - £1,795*

Supply - £2,195 - £1,495* plus weight

*GP Practice Managers is a 6,000 circulation


With the supply option, please add any weight above 15 grams of your supplied item at £35 per gram or part gram to the price.
Example; 10,000 items weighing 25 grams each would incur a postal levy of £350.


For premium advertising spaces on the folder, please contact us for availability and prices. 

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