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Direct mail + Email

You’ll reach 10,000 thoroughly researched key personnel in the British processing industry. 

These are the people tasked with turning raw materials, on an industrial scale, into many of the finished products we use on a day to day basis. Process Engineers have a variety of job titles including:

Chief Engineer, Technical Director, Project Leader, Factory Manager operating in a wide range of specialist fields such as: Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Mining, Power, Oil & Gas and Automotive.

The process team have all the experience you need to guide you through your campaign, so if you have a product or service which is used in the Process Manufacturing market and you want to deliver your specially designed promotional item to influencers in companies throughout the UK who could be your next customer, do get in touch and see how we can give your company a huge sales boost.


Plus Email?

What's more, we'll help you follow-up your printed item by sending your digital advert by Email 6 times over the succeeding six months. Following each Email blast, we'll send to you an independently audited circulation and activity report plus, a list of Process Engineers that have responded by clicking through your hyperlinks. 

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