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1.  Accounts are strictly net unless otherwise stated and are subject to settlement within 7 days if invoicing on confirmation, or 14 days if invoicing after distribution.  If payment is late, interest may be charged at ‘the statutory interest rate’ (currently 8% plus the Bank of England base rate). The costs of recovery shall be added to the amount owed.

2.  Each confirmed order constitutes a financial commitment to Northgate Partners Ltd in relation to projects to which such orders relate and is solely for the purpose of advertising.

3.  Each order constitutes a binding contract with Northgate Partners Ltd and will be deemed to have been made at the offices of Northgate Partners Ltd.

4.  The advertiser is solely responsible for submitting suitable material for the completion of this order.  Failure or refusal to supply suitable material will constitute a breach of contract on the part of the advertiser preventing completion of the contract. Should the advertiser so breach the contract an invoice for the full amount shown will be issued and payment will be pursued.

5.  Confirmed orders are not subject to cancellation.

6.  Northgate Partners Ltd will not accept any responsibility for non-receipt or delivery either to, or from Northgate Partners Ltd. Northgate Partners Ltd will not be responsible for amendments or errors in advertising material received after the stated date and the account will be payable in full.

7.  Every effort will be made to carry out contracts, but, should Northgate Partners Ltd be prevented or delayed in carrying out a contract by reason of Act of God, war, lockouts, fire, flood, delays in transit, strikes, riots, postal delay or any other unexpected or exceptional causes or circumstances beyond Northgate Partners Ltd's control, the time for delivery  shall be extended until a reasonable time after the event preventing or  interfering with the due execution of an order has ceased, and in no circumstances are Northgate Partners Ltd to be liable for any loss or damage suffered by clients as a result thereof.

8.  Every effort will be made to ensure the success of Northgate Partners Ltd projects, but levels and nature of responses to advertising do not constitute part of Northgate Partners Ltd contracts and no correspondence will be entered into on the subject of responses to advertisers.

9.  Any correspondence concerning Northgate Partners Ltd projects must be received within one calendar month of the distribution date. No new correspondence will be accepted after this time has elapsed.

10. Proof of posting can be forwarded to the advertiser on request.

11. This order form constitutes all the terms of all Northgate Partners Ltd contracts and no agent or otherwise representative of Northgate Partners Ltd has any right to vary the terms hereof in any way.


12. The advertiser is solely responsible for the insurance of any advertising or promotional material against loss or damage.


13. The final design and content of each project is at the discretion of Northgate Partners Ltd. Northgate Partners Ltd reserves the right to exclude any company from the project. No correspondence or communication shall be entered into with participants regarding the inclusion or exclusion of any advertiser or contributor whatsoever.  Northgate Partners Ltd shall not be held responsible should an expected advertiser or participant not be included in the project.


14. Northgate Partners Ltd’s order form is the only order form required and the terms and conditions appearing thereon are the only terms and condition recognised. Should an advertiser or participant submit his own order form it will be treated strictly as an internal administrative requirement of that advertiser or participant necessary for that advertiser or participant's payment of the subsequent invoice.


15. Northgate Partners Ltd do not offer product exclusivity to the advertiser or participant.


16. Where your order contains a data usage license, you agree to comply strictly with GDPR and PECR legislation.

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