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Direct mail + Email

This pack will reach 10,000 professionals who carry out the facilities management function throughout the UK. Around 70% are in the private sector, so 30% in the public sector. It’s a vast and flourishing market and this highly influential group are always looking for ways to improve the performance and aesthetic of their property.


They are always on the move, so reaching them when they’re relaxing in their desk with a coffee in hand, might just be the moment when they are most receptive to your message. 

Facilities Managers have an essential role in being responsible for the smooth running and general upkeep and maintenance of their property. This may include; cleaning, security, parking, office moves and refurbishments, ordering office furniture, being kept up to date with current health and safety guidelines etc. Technology, as we all know moves fast, so software packages to assist with building and energy management, IoT, networking, IT, video conferencing and smart building systems hold an on-going interest.

We're waiting to hear from you as we'd love to help put your printed flyer into the hands of named key specifiers and buyers.

Plus Email?

What's more, we'll help you follow-up your printed item by sending your digital advert by Email 6 times over the succeeding six months. Following each Email blast, we'll send to you an independently audited circulation and activity report plus, a list of Facilities Managers that have responded by clicking through your hyperlinks. 

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