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Direct mail + Email

We’ve got 10,000 electrical installers in our database, so whether they buy from you directly or through wholesalers, you can tell them personally about your offer to them.


Give it to them straight. You’ll have their personal attention, because they’ll be holding the piece you sent for them. So if you have a great message and a strong offer, you’ll be in with the very best chance of getting a positive reaction. 

This sector has a keen interest in all electrical installation products and continued professional development in the installation of new technology such as smart lighting/buildings, IoT, renewable energy, smart metering, electric vehicle charging and modular wiring technologies just to mention a few.

Let's not forget, they also need tools, power tools, test equipment, PPE, a van, van accessories, software solutions, membership organisations....... the list goes on!

Thus providing a terrific opportunity for companies offering relevant product distribution/manufacturing and support services. 

Our team, have a wealth of knowledge of the market and can guide you on how to get the best out of your campaign.

We would love to help you deliver your beautifully designed promotional flyer to key stakeholders within the electrotechnical sector.

Plus Email?

What's more, we'll help you follow-up your printed item by sending your digital advert by Email 6 times over the succeeding six months. Following each Email blast, we'll send to you an independently audited circulation and activity report plus a list of Electrical Contractors that have responded by clicking through your hyperlinks. 

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