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Our Story

Since 1994

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Northgate Partners Ltd are a B2B scheduled mailing company and have been the market leader of cost effective, scheduled direct mail services for over 25 years.


We have been operating since 1994 and have an excellent record of supplying powerful solutions in key market sectors.

At the core of all our services is our data unit, which hosts some of the best and most experienced data researchers.


Our mission is to connect our clients with their prospects. Through print - within our industry designed 'Information Packs' - delivered directly to their desks then a campaign of follow-up Emails, will be sent to the devices that they keep with them at all times.


A complete service that will impact your prospects continually and consistently through our meticulously planned multimedia campaigns.


Launching with us is just the beginning of your journey. Our dedicated, highly experienced team, will continue to monitor, measure, and supply your company with prospects, taking your marketing and business development program to the next level.

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